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Arizona Collection

June 21, 2022
Arizona Collection designer:

Stephanie is our very own photographer and jewelry designer. She has done professional wedding and product photography for over 10 years and when we met her and saw her photography style, we just knew we wanted her to be part of our Stag & Finch team.

She has been focusing on her jewelry design training in our office while still doing amazing photography for gemstones and jewelry. We are excited to see her future collections! She is even working on a Paris collection right now!

Why Arizona was her inspiration:

Stephanie wanted to create her first jewelry line in honour of her Grandmother who passed away last October. Her grandma (Elma) loved to travel to Arizona with her Husband, even their house was Arizona style. The color green was chosen after Stephanie had gone through some of her grandmas jewelry and found a beautiful green and yellow gold piece. So, she combined the colors of her grandmothers jewelry with the sharp landscapes of the Arizona deserts to create this beautiful and unique collection.

Her personal favorites:


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