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Hydrothermal Emeralds

May 26, 2022

Who can resist the vibrancy and glow of an Emerald? Other green gemstones can’t match their unique beauty. Emeralds are, with good reason, one of the most expensive and sought-after gemstones in the world.

Emeralds that are mined from the earth are typically found with numerous internal characteristics and inclusions, along with naturally occurring fractures. It has become common practice in the commercial gemstone industry to treat Emeralds with oil that seeps into the cracks to make them less visible and improve the clarity of the Emerald. High-quality Emeralds that lack internal cracking and fractures are exceptionally rare, making them extremely sought after and driving their cost higher. But while these highly valued Emeralds can be worth a fortune, they will almost always have at least some internal characteristics, including fractures and carbon flecks. In an attempt to mimic the look of these high-quality mined Emeralds, our Hydrothermal Emeralds are purposefully grown to include some level of these inclusions. An Emerald that is entirely flawless is often viewed with suspicion by professionals in the gem industry as there is a high chance it is simulated. Lab Emeralds offered by many other jewelers can potentially be mislabeled as lab-created as well when they are only a simulated Emerald. A simulated gem means the crystal structure is not true to Emerald, but an alternative that has somewhat similar properties. Some examples of simulated Emeralds include green quartz, Cubic Zirconia, glass, or even a clear gem with green foil, but there are many more to look out for.

Stag & Finch Emeralds rival the best mined Emeralds on earth at a fraction of the price, but never will they be treated with oils or fracture-filled, and all are precision faceted in-house by our co-owner Bryan. All of our Emeralds are grown with the Hydrothermal method. This growing method involves placing natural raw gemstone minerals into a solution which is sealed in a giant vat. This mixture is cooked with very high pressure and temperature which dissolves the raw gem minerals, and when they begin to cool down, they precipitate into crystals. This process takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months, a time-consuming and expensive production. We are fortunate that we can purchase the rough material directly from our suppliers and cut our own designs right here in Canada, eliminating much of the common supply chain from rough material to finished product. This means full control over quality while being able to keep our gemstones affordable.

Bryan has spent a lot of time and effort specifically optimizing all of our cutting designs to best showcase Emerald’s optical properties, fine-tuning them to bring out the most brilliance and light return in your custom-cut Emerald.



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